Achieving Business Results Through the Power & Flexibility Of Cloud Technology

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and Summit is keeping our clients ahead of the curve. Summit is recognized as a leader in cloud infrastructure, disaster recovery, and backup solutions. We have designed, built and manage our own data center to deliver the most robust cloud solutions for our clients and partners. Summit Technology offers world class solutions while still maintaining the dedication, care and focus of being a local provider of choice. Our goal with the Summit Cloud is to get you out of the IT business and back focusing on your core.

Operate Your Entire Business In The Summit Cloud! Operate Your Entire Business In The Summit Cloud!

  • Run your business on Enterprise Class Hardware
  • Reliable & Secure
  • Productivity & Mobility
  • Easy To Manage

Keep Your Business Running In The Event Of A Disaster! Keep Your Business Running In The Event Of A Disaster!

  • Fast Disaster Recovery Of Your Entire System
  • Rapid Failover of Entire System
  • Recover & Restore Data Easily
  • No On Premise Device Needed

Backup Files Or Your Entire System With Ease. Backup Files Or Your Entire System With Ease.

  • Recover/Restore Data Easily
  • File Versioning & Reporting
  • No On Premise Device Needed
  • Backup Reporting Provided


Flexible & Scalable
Scale Up/Down As Your Business Needs Change
Smooth Transition To The Cloud
Summit will handle the design, setup and migration of your data, preferences and users.
Reduce Need For Hardware On Premise
The Summit Cloud is built so that you do not need to have hardware onsite for disaster recovery, backup or servers to operate your business.
Powerful Infrastructure Running Your Business
The hardware behind The Summit Cloud is powerful to maximize your business needs and move your business forward.
Enjoy Mobility
Access from any device anywhere, anytime.
Reduce CAPEX Costs!
By utilizing The Summit Cloud the need for expensive onsite hardware is no longer needed.
Increased Security
From user permissions to world class infrastructure Summit provides the latest technology security features for every size organization.
Local Cloud Experts
Our Local Engineering & Support team is here to help.
All Inclusive Pricing
Flexible plans, fixed costs and free extras makes The Summit Cloud a complete choice.

Summit Operate is an effective & affordable alternative to building your own server room. All of your data, applications, operations and collaboration is happening in the Summit Cloud. This environment offers you a way to utilize virtual computer resources, disk storage and access your application software without having to purchase or manage physical servers or computers. You gain access by user permissions and logging in through any desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. The Summit Cloud removes you from the IT business by supplying the infrastructure in which your business operates.

Speed, Power, & Performance:

  • Enterprise Class Hardware
  • High Availability Solution

Mobility & Accessibility:

  • Always On, Always Ready: 24/7/365
  • Access with any Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, or Mobile Device
  • Software & Application Available

Local Professional Support:

  • Our team of engineers, consultants and customer care representatives are here to assist.

Flexible & Scalable:

  • Scale Up/Down Your Infrastructure To Meet Changing Business Demands
  • Respond Quicker to Shifting Business Conditions

Shift from CAPEX to OPEX

  • No Investment in Hardware
  • Improves Business Continuity
  • Easier To Manage & Control Users (Permissions)

Summit provides the infrastructure.

A little about Summit’s Hardware:

  • Full Redundant Server Infrastructure
  • Fully Redundant Networking Infrastructure
  • Fully Redundant Storage Infrastructure
  • Fully Virtualized Environment with Automated Monitoring

And a little about the physical data center location:

  • Redundant Power & Emergency Power Generation
  • Multiple Redundant Fiber Internet Connections
  • Climate Controlled Environment (Heating & Cooling)
  • Biometric Limited Secure Access
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Low Latency Tier-One Network
  • Centralized Secure Environment
  • Full Encryption FIPS Compliant

Summit has the experience of working with many clients in a variety of industries and makes the transition to the cloud easy for our clients and painless. A proven three phased process will help guide the way to a smooth transition.

Phase 1: Data Collection

  • Basic information such as list of applications, collection of software and hardware keys, and noting any special printers are collected during this phase.

Phase 2: Build & Testing

  • Summit will build the server and desktop systems and install your applications.
  • Key users in your organization will have the ability to test the new environment. Any changes will be made by Summit at this time.

Phase 3: Services Begin

  • Once you approve that your new system is how you want it service will begin and all of your users will gain access.

Summit supports software ranging from basic word processing to high end graphics machines. Here are some of the programs that our platform currently runs for our clients or is capable of handling:

  • Adobe Suite Graphics
  • Solidworks 3D Modeling
  • AutoCAD 2D & 3D
  • Pro Engineer
  • Revit

Summit Operate shifts your Capital Expenditures (CAPEX) into Operating Expenses (OPEX) by

  • Eliminate Capital Expenses
  • Reduce Ongoing Costs

Summit Recovery goes beyond normal disaster recovery and is specifically built around the performance and security that enterprises need to keep working normally in an outage. If your business experiences a loss of a single crucial server or an entire facility Summit Recovery will have you you up and running within minutes and keep you running.

  • Fully Managed Options
  • No Onsite Hardware Appliance
  • Failover RPO’s is measured in seconds!
  • Multiple Restore Points
  • Easy Testing For Compliance & Peace Of Mind
  • Pay As You Go Pricing
  • Select The Machines You Need To Protect
  • Remove the Need and Costs For Tapes
  • Instant Power Up – No Waiting For Backup Restorations or Replacement Gear
  • Multi-Platform Support (Linux, Novell, Microsoft & Apple)

Step 1: Replication

Summit Recovery will replicate your network in the Summit Cloud. No matter how large or small of an organization you have, the solution is scalable to meet the demands. This replication is always on, and always replicating to ensure data, settings and applications are up to date in the event the solution would be activated during a disaster at your business.

Step 2: Activation

When your business experiences an outage, Summit Recovery activates and your critical servers are spun up in Summits highly secure cloud. You will now have VPN access to your recovered environment at no additional cost. Your business can keep running with access to applications like:

  • Email
  • Databases like SQL
  • Business Software
  • Etc.

Step 3: Options

Upon the event when Summit Recovery activates you will have the option of migrating all information over from Summit Recovery to your newly built/repaired infrastructure – or – continuing to run in the Summit Cloud. If you choose to continue to run in the Summit Cloud we will convert you over to a Summit Operate agreement and enjoy the ongoing power, flexibility and scalability of the solution.

It is recommended that Summit Recovery be paired with Summit Backup for dual protection in the event of a disaster.

Many organizations think of business disasters as naturally occurring or malicious attacks from viruses and the outside world. The reality that the majority come from hardware failures and human error can be costly. Summit Recovery can keep you running if something were to happen.

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Summit Backup provides safe, secure and scalable data protection that can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. The solution will backup your disks, partitions in a secure datacenter and allows you to quickly recover selected files, folders, applications or entire systems.

  • To protect your data in the event of a disaster
  • To quickly and easily implement a hybrid protection strategy
  • To replace tape and other legacy backup solutions
  • Summit Local Support
  • No Device Onsite Needed
  • Multi-Level Security – AES-256 Encryption, Password Protection and SSL
  • Multi Platform Data Protection (Linux, Novell, Microsoft,  & Apple Support)
  • Protect both Physical & Virtual Systems In One Service
  • Backup of Selected Files or Complete Disk Images
  • Bare Metal Recovery
  • Remove the Costs Associated With Tapes & Rotation
  • Simple Pricing. No Per-Machine Licensing.
  • CIO’s trust Summit’s proven track record and expertise


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